Make it matter

A bunch of old water bottles have never looked so good

We make comfy clothes for sweating in – designed to accompany you through challenging workouts. A sustainable and ethical sports collection.  


Make it matter

We believe every decision matters. No matter how small it is. Giulia founded Ambiletics in late 2018. The brand name is a play on words between “ambitious” and “athletics”. With Ambiletics she is able to combine her passion for sustainability and sports. Her goal is to share this passion for a more conscious lifestyle and inspire others for sustainable and cool activewear.


Fair play, fair fashion. We are in close contact with our manufacturer in Poland. The personal exchange is crucial to us. We want to know who makes our activewear. 


Unique print stories

Bold, colorful and dynamic. All our print stories are hand drawn and unique. We get our inspiration while running, listening to music or simply relaxing on the couch. Of course, always on the lookout for new trends and inspiring designs to put on leggings, bras & Co.

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